About Favorite

“For more fun in customers’ life.” This is our main theme at developing our products.
That means, we would like to satisfy your curiosity with our products.

We offer you a wide variety of presentable Desktop Models, lifelike Skeleton and Skull & Jaws Models, playable Soft Models, Accessories and many more. The product range contains dinosaurs, marine animals and fish.

Dive into the world of these fascinating animals and find your favorite.

Our Recommendations

Desktop Models

Our recommendation for dinosaur enthusiasts.

Skeleton Models

Discover anatomic details, when looking at these models.

Skull & Jaws Models

Feel the fascination of this special models.

Trcic Models

Become a fan of our infamous Michael Trcic series!

The Animal World

This is our new series.They are very popular animals in zoo.

Vinyl Models

The perfect series for small dinosaur fans.


Stationery series, makes dinosaur more practical and familiar.

Paint the Dinosaur

Get creative! Design your Favorite by yourself!

Desktop Model

You can experience the marine world!

Figure Collection

For every angler who loves fishing.

New Products

Ancient Fish Soft Model

NEW Asian Arowana and Cubangar have joined to our Ancient Fish figure series.


New series of Dinosaur Mini Model have just laughed!!
They are newly designed miniature figure series based the dinosaur fight scene.


Prehistoric Mini Model is a small but elaborated and real prehistoric miniature figure.

Pteranodon Vinyl Model PREMIUM EDITION

Size is much bigger than our reglura model.

African Penguin Vinyl Model

This is African Penguin Vinyl Model.Soft especially the big size figures are suited for being played with.

Humboldt Penguin Vinyl Model

This is Humboldt Penguin Vinyl Model.Soft especially the big size figures are suited for being played with.

Cambrian Creatures Pencil Set

The set of 6 Cambrian Creatures Pencil and 2 pencil top eraser appears.

Pick up

Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Model

Skeleton Model

Skeleton Model

Skeleton Model

New Soft Model

Paint the Dinosaur

Spinnosaurus 1:40 Scale

1:24 Scale

Vinyl Model

Marine Life
Soft Model Set

Black Brass
Lunker Size

White Shark
-The Attack-